Connect, Collaborate, Culminate

We, the members of the Office of International Relations (OIR), are committed to the task of integrating an international and inter-cultural dimension to the meaning, purpose and delivery of education at IIT Kharagpur. We are engaged in increasing the global outreach by promoting exchange of students, faculty and ideas between IIT Kharagpur and its international partners. Working under the aegis of Dean, Outreach, a dedicated team of executives, headed by Associate Dean, International Relations and Ranking, conscientiously look after all aspects of international engagement. The International Relations Cell (IRC) is a student body working under the OIR. Together OIR and IRC work towards increasing IIT Kharagpur's global outreach.


Enriched academic institution, nation and globe through knowledge exchange


To enable IIT Kharagpur to expand its global outreach through intense international academic and research collaborations

We are profoundly motivated to support IIT Kharagpur to reach true and sustained height of global eminence through education, research, discovery and innovation. By actively supporting its policy of internationalization of education, we aid in meeting its institutional, national and humanitarian goals.


Dedication and Responsibility

Being an integral part of an Institute which is dedicated to the service of Nation since inception, our activities are tailored to meet the need of all parts of society. We are dedicated to provide support to IIT Kharagpur to fulfil its objective of building a better world through education and innovation. We take responsibility of connecting IIT Kharagpur to the world to meet its humanitarian goal.

Hospitality and Friendliness

We strongly believe in the Indian value system embodied in the Sanskrit phrase ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ (The Guest is Equivalent to God). We set great value in hospitality and are always watchful about the wellbeing of our guests.

To us the whole world is one family (‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’) and the bond of friendship extends beyond the territorial boundaries. We welcome students, teachers and researchers from all over the world to join us in celebrating learning through sharing.

Empathy and Respect

Though we are striving for one goal we acknowledge difference of opinion and try to maintain harmony in diversity by fostering empathy. We believe that true success is achieved through fellow-feelings and mutual respect.

Transparency and Equity

We take pride in the transparency of our policies. We prize honesty and openness and maintain fairness in dealing with our partners/customers.