Campus placement facility has been extended to all international students from this AY 2022-2023 at par with the Indian students.

Process to apply for campus placement facility and other important things to note:

  1. Download the ISP form for applying for the campus placement
  2. Fill up the form very carefully and submit to OIR. Before submission the following should be carefully noted
    • Students need to ensure that they are not sponsored by any company or having any bond as they are not eligible to sit for the campus placements.
    • CV of the student must clearly mention that s/he is an international student who would need processing of Work Visa. (This will apply also to those international students who may not require any work permit).
    • Student must submit a self-declaration to the effect that IIT Kharagpur will not be held responsible if s/he is not finally offered any position in a company due to whatever reason.
    • Foreign students are not allowed sit for placements for jobs less than 10 lakhs packages (as per GoI rule).