BC Roy Technology Hospital

The hospital is the primary health care centre for all the students, staff members and faculty members of IIT Kharagpur. It has a round the clock pharmacy inside it and is located inside the campus. BC Roy Technology Hospital prioritises the health needs of the campus community. It strives for the betterment of services.

In case of any emergency please contact your warden, faculty advisor or OIR immediately.

Address: On scholars avenue opposite swimming pool, IIT Kharagpur Campus

Emergency Contacts:
(+91) 3222 281007
(+91) 3222 281008
(+91) 3222 281009

Counselling Center

The Students' Counselling Centre provides any required assistance to students whose regular activities on campus are hindered due to emotional and psychological onditions. A range of services like psychological assessment, individual therapy, group therapy, and medication and management to promote mental health, life skills, emotional resilience and overall well-being of the student community. The Counselling Centre also functions as a coordinating point for crisis intervention.