Pre-Arrival Checklist

A foreign student/visitor needs to ensure that he/she is prepared with the following before arrival at IIT Kharagpur:
  • Valid Passport(with more than six months validity at the time of travel)
  • Valid and appropriate Indian Visa
  • Original academic documents/transcripts (Only for degree students for physical verification at the time of admission)
  • Health Insurance that covers the stay period - (Mandatory)
  • Supporting health cards/documents (that is/are mandatory as per the BOI guidelines as per your home country)
  • Invitation letter and other supporting letters of admission or your visit to IIT Kharagpur
  • Clothes appropriate for the season you are travelling
  • Office of International Relations (OIR)/Concerned Host Faculty (as applicable) can be requested to help you book a cab for domestic transfer from Kolkata airport to IIT Kharagpur campus at a cost (optional)
  • Get your accommodation details from Office of International Relations/Host faculty
  • In case of any issues or concerns during the transit please feel free to consult OIR by emailing us at