Design your own academic curriculum

IIT Kharagpur offers a large bouquet of flexible academic programmes covering the whole range of undergraduate to post PhD degrees that enable students to gather multiple disciplinary qualifications in a systematic manner. Qualifications at undergraduate level include Major Degree/Diploma, Dual Major, integrated degrees (UG-PG, Masters – PhD, UG-PhD etc.), Minor subjects as additional to degree/diploma, Micro-specialization as part of degree/diploma. Higher qualifications include PhD, Engineering Doctorate, DSc, Post-Doctoral certificate of Excellence in Research, Integrated Programmes. The Semester(s) Study Away Programme (SAP) offers a unique opportunity to undertake part of your study in other Institutions in India or Abroad. Several inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary programmes at IIT Kharagpur give you freedom to plan your career path that is best suited for you. Developing knowledge in multiple fields is so easy at IIT Kharagpur!

Self-elevate through research, discovery, and innovation


The academic and research ambience at IIT Kharagpur gives you opportunity for innovative thinking. With the able guidance and knowledge support from the world-class faculty available here, you can easily give shape to your creative power. The Institute has an Innovation Centre (M. N. Faruqui Innovation Centre) to support your projects that have innovation potential.

Besides, IITKGP provides opportunity to develop a strong research and development roadmap through various research programs in the thrust areas of Innovative Infrastructure, Advanced Manufacturing, Transportation Technologies, Affordable Healthcare, Digital Convergence, Geoscience for the Future of Earth and many more. The researchers at IIT Kharagpur enjoy the freedom to do research on any topic of their choice to explore full potential.

Give a humanitarian touch to your education

At IIT Kharagpur you can take up mission programmes that help democratize education and research, revive the quality of this planet and its people, enable reach of education, technology, empowering information and inputs for action not only to governments and organization but also to the common citizens in the heart of the developing world with affordable technologies that scale. With its emphasis on excellence in action, IIT Kharagpur has always remained dedicated to the service of the nation and to that of the progressive world.

Always feel at home

The friendly atmosphere at IIT Kharagpur will make you soon forget that you are miles away from your home. The vibrant student community, sympathetic and helpful faculty and staff members, and a friendly campus community will make your stay ever joyful. Our alumni always cherish the fond memories of their student lives and feel the strong bonding with their alma mater. Whether it is routine life at hostel, a busy day at the Department or festive occasions when the entire student community zealously burst into creative activities, each day at IIT Kharagpur can be memorable. Members of the Office of International Relations are committed to solve your problems and make your stay comfortable.

Enjoy the exuberance of nature

If you have ever longed for proximity to nature then the beautiful campus of IIT Kharagpur will fulfill your yearning. Situated in the forest land of Dalma Hill and alluvial tract of Medinipur, IIT Kharagpur has a great diversity of flora and fauna. The fresh and fragrant air from lush-green leaves or sweet chirping of the birds (some of which are rare species) will make you oblivious of the din and bustle of the urban world outside. IIT Kharagpur’s pursuit of excellence in Technology has never disturbed the tranquility of nature.

Experience holistic development

IIT Kharagpur has always believed in the words of Swami Vivekananda that, “Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in Man” and has consciously endeavoured to nourish holistic development and honest pursuance of excellence in thought and action where the achievement of one’s goal melts into a greater cause of true service to society. Extra-curricular activities are equally encouraged along with curricular activities to develop one’s personality. The Institute’s value system helps to nurture excellence and quality, fosters openness, honesty, respect, responsibility and empathy to produce a person capable of meeting the challenges posed by the real world.

Prepare yourself to be a Global Citizen

With people from all parts of India IIT Kharagpur campus is a potpourri of cultures. In this ‘mini India’ you meet people with different religions, customs and traditions. The perfect harmony of heterogeneous cultures will surely inculcate in you a respect for all cultures of the world and widen your vision about our globe.

Be a part of a huge Alumni network

IIT Kharagpur takes pride in its more than 70,000 alumni who are famous not only in India but in the entire world for their matchless competence and enormous contributions in all walks of life. Most of them attribute their success to the quality experience they received at IIT Kharagpur. By joining this Institute you will join the network of those people who despite being illustrious in their own spheres of life always feel proud to call themselves Forever KGPian.