Exchange Diaries  

By International Relations Cell

Outbound Diaries 2019

Abhishek Nitin Adhave | Electrical Engineering

Institute for Communication Technologies and Embedded Systems,(ICE) RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Research Area: Embedded Hardware Security

Duration: 2.5 Months

1)When did you start applying and were you given a scholarship?
I started applying quite early through personal mailing right from the start of the Autumn semester. Yes, I was awarded a scholarship for my internship, which covered my entire expenses ie travel, stay, food.

2)How did you prepare yourself and how did you convince them that you are the one?
I did a project in hardware security in my second year and I was clear to search for an internship in the same field. I mailed the respective professor about my interest and asking for an internship opportunity. I was then asked for an interview where they tested my basic concepts and mostly discussed my interest. I would say this is the most important part as you need to really convince the professor by giving your own ideas. As we are undergraduate students they will be really impressed if we can put forth our own project ideas

3)Role of CG in Landing an FT?
Role of CG comes into account when you apply for FT through any program. With personal mailing, generally, CG doesn’t matter much. But it’s always good to have decent CG(8+).Obviously higher the CG the easier it is to land an FT, but its not like the ones with lower CG have any undue diadvantage.

4)How much did you learn about the work culture of the University and how different was it from the work culture here?
Everything was professional and well-organised, which we lack here and needs to be improved. I had regular discussion with my mentor and with other students and staff working over there. The available resources both software and hardware were quite advanced.

5)On a lighter note did you have time to go around the country?
Yes, almost every weekend I went out. As I was in Europe, I was able to tour other EU countries with the same VISA. I visited 6 countries in this span.It was a wholesome experience altogether.

6)General Funda for Juniors while applying for an FT.
Decide the field or domain
Prepare your CV according to your field
Search and list the university and programs
Start mailing asap (Autumn mid sem) and December should be the peak time.
Working and giving time for the cover letter(keeping it brief), mailing at the right time(weekdays and
working hour) and mailing right person increases your chances for getting a reply.