IITKgp has the largest campus among all IITs - at 2100 acres it is home to 20000 residents. It is a self-sufficient mini township that caters to your every need while offering a peaceful living in an idyllic setting. You will love the sylvan community, the clean air, the nature parks and the water bodies around you, something beyond imagination in the large cities of India.

We understand and appreciate the need for community living and The Technology Students Gymkhana ensures that it presents itself as the hub of socio-cultural to sports activities for the student community of IITkgp. The Gymkhana is managed by the students, for the students, under the guidance and active participation of the faculty and staff members. For more information visit:

Students have a very engaging campus life at IITKgp with year-round socio-cultural and technological events. We have Illumination during Diwali, and in January we host Spring Fest - the largest campus cultural festival in India and Kshitij - the largest techno-management fest of India. You can go for excursions to the nearby sea beaches, hills, river spots and forest destinations.

And if one wishes simply to stay in, IITKgp offers a fully residential campus with all facilities for holistic living away from the commotion of city life, which motivates students to engage themselves in social, creative, and life-enhancing endeavors that they cherish long after they have left the Institute.