Exchange Diaries  

By International Relations Cell

Outbound Diaries 2019

Adarsh Singh | Biotechnology

National University of Singapore, Singapore

Research Area: Parasitology

Duration: 2 Months

1. How did you apply for FT?

Ans: I applied for a scholarship program namely AMGIAN and got selected in it. It is a very reputed program and provides opportunities for students throughout the world.

2. How did you manage your finances there?

Ans: As I mentioned that I was selected for a scholarship program known as AMGIAN. They covered almost all my expenses including travel, accommodation and visa application fees. For food and local transportation, we were given an additional amount of 6000$ for 2 months.

3. On a lighter note, how was your stay in Singapore?

Ans: Singapore is very famous for its diverse culture. People all over the world live there. My stay in Singapore was quite comfortable. Singapore offers a very diverse range of food cuisines for people all over the world and thus food was never a problem there.

4. How is the approach of students present there different from us in terms of academics?

Ans: I feel the quality of students studying here at IIT is somewhat better than the students there probably because of the hard competition which we had to face while getting admission here. During my training, I felt very confident and dominant over the other students. But meeting new people who are having a different perspective is one of the greatest perks you would get when you get international exposure.

5. Why do you think that foreign training is important?

Ans: International exposure is one of the most important reason. If you are aiming for an MS or PHD then it can be very helpful for you to get a taste of foreign training as research in India may not be that sound. It is also important for your overall personality development. Further, we get to interact with foreign professors whose mindsets are quite different than those present here.

6. How important is CG to go for foreign training?

Ans: CGPA is obviously very important to get selected for any scholarship program but other things like your SOP(statement of purpose) and your interest also play a vital role. Students having decent CGPA can apply for various programs whereas those having below-average CGPA may apply through personal mailing.

7. What would you suggest to your fellow Kgpians who aspire to go for foreign training?

Ans: I would suggest that those who are not sure about their interests should not directly go for an FT but rather start within India. Identifying the areas of your interests is of utmost importance.
But if you are sure about your interests than you should definitely try for foreign training as the experience that you gain there is quite remarkable.