Exchange Diaries  

By International Relations Cell

Outbound Diaries 2019

Ankush Roy | Mechanical Engineering

National University Of Singapore, Singapore

Research Area: Soft Robotics

Duration: 2.5 Months

1. How did you apply for FT?

Ans: I applied for FT through mailing. I looked upon the internet for the details of the professors working in my area of interest. I also read some research papers to gather further information.

2 . How did you manage your finances there?

Ans :I was paid by the professor under which I was working which was more than sufficient to cover all my expenses there.

3. On a lighter note, how was your stay in Singapore?

Ans : Singapore is pretty awesome actually. It has a very diverse culture and the food there is also very nice. Transportation and infrastructure present there is quite amazing. I had a great time there and faced no problems.

4. How is the approach of students present there different from us in terms of academics?

Ans: Singapore has a very high population of Chinese people. The working hours of people are really long and stressful. But my professor was an Indian-American and was very chill about the working hours. So overall I would say that students here are very hardworking.

5. Why do you think that foreign training is important?

Ans: I think if you want to pursue a research career or just even an international exposure than FT is very important. Kharagpur is a great place to learn but in terms of the infrastructure, Singapore is much more advanced. It also adds to your CV and is important if you want to go for higher studies.

6. How important is CG to go for foreign training?

Ans : CG definitely plays a vital role. But if you have some research background like some prior experience or some published paper than it may somewhat compensate for an average CGPA.

7. What would you suggest to your fellow Kgpians who aspire to go for foreign training?

Ans : To be frank this FT culture has grown very rapidly in kgp right now. But students should not take it hard on themselves if they don’t get FT and should not hype it so much. I think it is better to first gain some research experience here at KGP itself by doing a project under a professor before applying for FT as professors abroad have certain expectations from you and also because you are responsible for the image of the whole institute as well.