Exchange Diaries  

By International Relations Cell

Outbound Diaries 2019

Anurag Agarwal | Mechanical Engineering

University of Windsor, Canada

Research Area: Microfluidics

Duration: 2 Months

1. What was the area of your research?

My field of work was Microfluidics. I had to perform simulation on console and match it with experimental data I collected by working in the lab.

2. How did you apply for FT? Can you tell us about your scholarship programme?

I applied for Foreign Training through the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute program. Under this program, firstly we need the acceptance of the professor. Under the documents, we need two recommendation letters, a transcript, a bonafide certificate and a statement of purpose.

3. Why do you think FT is important?

I would say, if any student wants to pursue a Masters Degree or PhD, then Foreign Training can be very useful because it involves hands-on experience with the theory we study. More importantly, it can also help students, especially 2nd yeards, who are unclear if they want to pursue higher studies or go for a corporate job. Even if they want to go for corporate jobs in future, a Foreign Training experience always helps.

4. Did you know note any differences while working there?

I observed that professors mainly focus on practical experiments rather than theoretical concepts. I found that they are not good in explaining theory like professors here in IIT KGP!

5. How was your stay in Canada?

We were a bunch of Indian students in Winsor who had applied for Foreign Training through the same internship programme, so I never felt lonely. I and my labmates visited many places in the city, which was an enjoyable experience. The thing which surprised me is that even though I am a vegetarian, I had no problems with my supper in Canada!

6. What role does CG play in getting an FT?

I think it is dependent on the scholarship programs. Programs like MITACS and DAAD generally select students with relatively higher CG. But the program through which I applied looks out for both CG and projects/prior-experience. I would suggest maintaining a CG above 8.5, but even more important is a solid foundation in your area of research which can only be laid through projects.

7. How did you manage your finances?

All of my expenses were covered by the scholarship program Indo-Shastri Canadian Institute. I was provided with 500 CAD stipend every week. The stipend was more than enough to cover my expenses and if you spend wisely in Canada you can save a hefty amount. Like I saved around 1 lakh Rupees!

8. What would you suggest to any fellow KGPian who aspires to on an FT?

My biggest suggestion would be to not decide the institute for Foreign Training by its QS rank. It would be better if you decide the place of your visit by your project interests and after going there work efficiently for the whole duration. Also, try to publish at least one paper which could help you in future if going for a PhD.