Exchange Diaries  

By International Relations Cell

Outbound Diaries 2019

Anuraag Bhattacharya | Electrical Engineering

University of Alberta, Canada

Research Area: Computer Vision

Duration: 3 Months

1)How was your experience?
Ans: It was a great experience. I got to know a lot about the worth of a research Internship. Internship was of about 11-12 weeks hence I was able to explore the place, meet new people, have great fun and also have tripped. Overall It was great culture and learning experience.

2)Do you think foreign training is important? Why?
Ans: It depends. If you want to go for higher studies then having a foreign experience definitely gives you a favour of how things work outside. If you want to stay in the rule side, it just exposes research culture. Even if you are not planning to go for higher studies, it is still a good experience to get to know good people and have a good learning experience.

3) How did you apply for the FT?
Ans: I had applied through UARE research portal. In this, I had to get a recommendation letter from one or two professors. It is a funded program and had a smooth application process.

4) How was your Stay in the City?
Ans: People were very nice. Canadians are open-hearted and welcoming people. For the first few days, I was getting familiar with places then after some time living in Alberta had a great living experience.

5) Do you think there is any role of CG for getting FT? If yes, How it affects?
Ans: To be honest it helps to have good CG.Though, it was not much important me through UARE.In some programs like DAAD and SN BOSE higher the CG, better are your chances of selection but it doesn’t work all the time.

6) How was the University of Alberta in terms of research and campus life?
Ans: The University was pretty big and had a lot of good facilities for research in my field. The professor under whom I was working was also a very friendly person and the research lab where I worked had a great working environment.

7) What were some things that impressed you there and you think need to be implemented here at KGP as well?
Ans: People are very helpful there. Since the population there is less in comparison to india, things are not so competitive than India/KGP which I feel helps people in making the right choices. There is no need to call a professor by Sir /Mam, simply by their name. These are the things that impressed me a lot and though I know that these things could not be applied in India/KGP but we can constantly work through for a better competitive environment.

8) What was your major motive behind going for an FT?
Ans: The field I am working in is Computer Vision. I wanted to have some experience and international exposure in this field. I am also thinking about higher studies abroad, and this internship
might prove very helpful for me in future.

9) What were your expectations before training? Was it the same as reality?
Ans: I had expected to work on a good project. I had expected good research facilities, professors would guide me and teach me something that I didn't knew before.The reality was better than I had expected.

10) What would you suggest to fellow KGPians?
Ans: Follow your passion. Whenever you go for an FT or corporate, internship work in things you’re interested. Just make sure to not have high expectations, when you apply for something. It might be a case that you may not get what you want. Never lose confidence. There is something always waiting for you at some point in time. Work hard, approach people, company, and apply. Whatever will happen, you should not get broken. Things may not happen the way you always want it to be.