Exchange Diaries  

By International Relations Cell

Outbound Diaries 2019

Ashish Mehta | Mechanical Engineering

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Research Area: kinematics of machines, dynamics and computer vision

Duration: 3 Months

1. What was the area of your research?

I worked in Taiwan in the field of mechanical design. Basically, I had to design a mechanism suiting a specific requirement and the requirement was to trace the human face while running. The mechanism had to follow that motion. It was related to kinematics of machines, dynamics and computer vision.

2. How did you apply for FT?

There was no certain internship program for the institute so I got the Foreign Internship through mailing the professors. I sent around ten emails and got responses from none except this! I was delighted that I got a response from the professor within a few mails. Likewise, I would suggest students to focus on specific areas rather than bulk mailing.

3. Why do you think foreign training is important?

So, there are two reasons, firstly if you go to a Foreign Training you can expand yourself socially and culturally. Also, you are kind of independent in the new place so you learn a lot of things, it will give a huge personality boost. Moreover, sometimes you find very limited opportunities in India for the kind of work you are looking for, so Foreign Training is a good option in such cases.

4. Did you note any differences working there?

One thing which strikes me was the involvement of professors. The professor used to have meetings every week to check the progress of students. In addition, he was handling more than thirty students and that too particularly well! Also, the professor was ready to get involved with us and was open to ideas put forward by any intern.

5. How was your stay in Taiwan? How did you manage your finances?

I visited a lot of places in Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan. The food in Taiwan was very different from India, but I liked it!
I got a fully-funded internship from the professor and so I had faced no problems in handling my expenses, which is a big relief in a totally new place!

7. What suggestion would you give to any fellow Kgpian who is aspiring to go on an FT?
If a student is enrolled in a 5yr course, then he/she should try for at least one FT, it actually broadens your mind. But, if the student is enrolled in a Btech course then one has to decide between a company intern and a Foreign Training because you have limited time. Also, if someone is interested in research and higher studies, then he/she should definitely give Foreign Internship a try.

8. What role does CGPA play in getting an FT?

It is good to maintain a decent CGPA. The thing is if you don't have a good CG you will have to work harder for getting Foreign Training than someone with a higher CG than yours. But ultimately, projects and expertise matter more, because that gives an assurance to professors that you have the knowledge and skill-set to assist them in their project.