Exchange Diaries  

By International Relations Cell

Outbound Diaries 2019

Himanshu Sharma | Mechanical Engineering

Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Research Area: autonomous drones

Duration: 2.5 Months

1. What was the area of your research?

I worked in the field of autonomous drones. This mainly comes under the department of Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace and Computer Science.

2. How did you apply for FT?

In my 3rd year, I applied for FT through various programs that the institute opens for us but I couldn’t get one, maybe because I didn't have a good CGPA. So this year I decided not to apply in any programs, but to mail professors. In December I mailed all the North American countries, I mailed nearly 100 emails! But most of the professors were having their holidays after 28th December, so I wasn't getting any replies. Also, my field was very specific. When I came back to KGP after the break, I started applying in European universities, then I applied in TU Wien and the professor accepted my proposal.

3. Why do you think FT is important?

You learn something new from every person and I realised that the people in Austria were working very efficiently if we incorporate such habits then that can also help us build as a person. Apart from that, if one is planning to go for Higher Studies, then a project under a foreign professor boosts our CV a lot.

4. Did you note any differences while working there?

Mainly, you get a chance to work with the higher end of the technology spectrum and it definitely gives you a lot more chances to explore such options in future. Better technology facilities definitely persuade you to work on bigger things, which is otherwise not possible in KGP.

5. How was your stay in Vienna?

A big plus of going to European countries for FT is that you will get to visit different countries in only one visa! I was able to exploit this and visited quite a few countries and that was a great experience!

6. How did you manage your finances?

The professor under whom I worked provided me with a stipend and it covered most of my expenses, including my accommodation and travel fare.

7. What role does CG play in getting an FT?

In my opinion, if your CG is 9+, then you definitely have an edge over others if applying through an internship programme or even by personal mailing. So, CG does play an important role.

8. What suggestion would you give to any fellow KGPian who aspires to go on an FT?

Apply as quickly as possible and start mailing early. Apart from that, while mailing doesn't write a very big mail because the other person won’t be reading your mail if it's too lengthy. So write a very short and concise email. Also, while applying do look for a relevant profile, and you would have much higher chances if you have done some projects in the same area before.