Exchange Diaries  

By International Relations Cell

Outbound Diaries 2019

Jahnvi Singh | Electronics and Electrical Communication Engg.

University of Tokyo, Japan

Research Area: Architecture Design of Digital Integrated Circuit

Duration: 3 Months

What was your FT about and what was the duration of it?
My FT was at the University of Tokyo in the field of Architecture Design of Digital Integrated Circuit and the duration was around two and a half months.

How you approach the University?
I did some of the projects in this field and I found out that I am interested in this field. Once I had research interest then I looking for professors with similar research. Then I find a professor at the University of Tokyo, his research was very much similar to what I like working on. So I mailed him with a proper cover letter and also attached my resume and letter of recommendation from my professor.After seeing that he responded to me.

What are the research and projects in which you were involved in KGP?
I did several projects when I was in KGP. One of them was in VLSI summer school. I was also involved in some of the lab projects which are in my course. Except for these, I also did some personal projects.

How was the host University in terms of research and campus life?
In terms of campus life, the university had a very big campus. I think the research was really good and the professors are very supportive and provide timely guidance to my research. Even at the undergrad level, they motivate me for my research. That is something that I really appreciate there.

What is the difference that you notice in research there as compared to that of KGP?
The research there is very well organized. They have well-equipped labs, a proper research center, industry-university research collaboration projects and have student research activities. They provide proper timely guidance to each student’s research. In case if you have any doubts you can mail the professors and they will reply to you instantly.

How you manage your expenses?
My finance was supported by the University of Tokyo itself. They reimbursed my flight expenses and provided me a stipend that was sufficient for the accommodation, travel, and food.

What are your other involvements in the campus?
I was involved in some of the team projects. I was part of the hardware design team of ProDex. I also participated in various tech competitions. These type of participations helps me to realize the importance of teamwork that is necessary for research or any other work.

What is the role of CG in getting an FT?
In general, it will be easier if you have a good academic performance. But if you have a lot of research experience then despite your not so good CG you still get it. It will always be on the safer side to have a good CG.

Suggestions to the fellow KGPians who want to go for FT.
For getting an FT it will always be better to have a good CGPA. But If you don’t have it doesn’t mean that you never get it. You will get it if you have a good research experience. For getting an FT one should have specified focused research interest. For developing research focused interest they should need to explore different things. You can be involved in projects with professors. Exploring will help you to know what you are interested in.

Interviewed by Divyanshu