Exchange Diaries  

By International Relations Cell

Outbound Diaries 2019

Mayank Palaria | Electronics and Electrical Communication Engg.

University of British Columbia, Canada

Research Area: .

Duration: 3 Months

How did the research area inspire you and how did you get to know about the University?
The research area chosen was in sync with my Btech project and I had acquired decent knowledge and interest while working on it. I came to know about the University from the Mitaacs Global link programme. This programme is unique and pretty different from its counterparts like DAARTS you do not have to mail the professor personally. Mitaacs provides you lists of projects under various departments.

When did you start applying and were you given a scholarship?
I applied at the end of my fourth year. Yes, I got a scholarship. The programme doesn’t book your tickets or book your lodges, but ensures you receive enough funds to sustain for 2-3 months.
How did you prepare yourself and how did you convince them that you are the one?
I attended the VLSI summer school at the end of second year and my BTP was similar to this. Since I had applied at the end of fourth year, I had enough reasons and a decent research background to convince.

How different or similar is a project under a foreign professor as compared to a project under a professor in kgp?
There you are given more freedom with respect to your timetable. They rarely give you deadlines. Apart from that foreign training is helpful for personal development. There is a diverse group of students and quiet a few recreational and sports activities.

How much of a value does FT add to your CV?
FT becomes very important if you’re eying higher education in US or Canada. You need to show them that you have already done some research prior to joining their University.
General funda for juniors in building a profile.
When you are planning to go for a research internship you need to show them that you are capable of doing the research. If you are going through a program, you’re CGPA matters, but if you’re personally mailing him/her you need to convince him/her by showing your previous research work and interests.

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