Exchange Diaries  

By International Relations Cell

Outbound Diaries 2019

Nitish Mishra | Ocean Engg and Naval Architecture

University of Tokyo, Japan

Research Area: Integration of financial analysis with Gender Lens investing

Duration: 2 Months

1) What motivated you to take this project? What was the procedure?

I always wanted to explore and learn new things which interest me a lot, it doesn't matter whether it is job oriented or not. I was looking for an internship which will give me an in-depth insight into it.
I selected the universities which I wanted to visit and then went through the professor's profile whose research area interests me. I mailed them my resume with transcript and fortunately got an opportunity to have an internship at the University of Tokyo.

2) How did you manage the financial problems?

I was my department rank 1 so got the "ST Engineering Scholarship" which provides scholarship and other incentives. Also, my professor partially funded me.

3) How was your experience during your stay abroad? What impressed you?

It was awesome. I explored their culture which was different from India. I met wonderful people and all of them were very keen in their work. Other than that the campus was beautiful and work culture was great, it was a great place to learn.
I also got the chance to attend many incubation programs which provided a different perspective to see any business.

4) What were the problems faced during your Foreign Training Programme?

Honestly, there was no such problem, everything went smoothly except food in japan. It was difficult to get Indian food.

5) What is your suggestion to our fellow Kgpians who want to aspire for an FT?

I think FT is all about exploring either culture, lifestyle or inner-self. It adds a new meaning to your life. Follow your passion and hit hard till your last breath.