Exchange Diaries  

By International Relations Cell

Outbound Diaries 2019

Prakhar Tripathi | Ocean Engg and Naval Architecture

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA

Research Area: Development of Ship-Centric Markov Decision Process Framework

Duration: 2 Months

Q- What were the motives behind to go for an FT? How did you apply for it?
A- The desire to have an FT was the primary reason to search for the project. Since I found the research work was close enough to my area of study.
I searched for Prof. with a similar research area on the university's website and mailed him stating that I am interested in the internship under him.

Q- What were the procedure while applying this?
A- Firstly I tried to get more familiar with the work that Prof. has done, I read some of his research papers. Since I was already interested in his research, I mentioned the same in the e-mail. At last, I proposed some work which can further be done.

Q- How did you manage the finances?
A- I applied for the scholarship from the IIT Kharagpur foundation of the USA and got selected in it. It managed all my finances for my internship.

Q- Your experience while you were on FT?
A- Going for an FT was one of the best and distinctive experiences I ever had. Having sound experience with the research provided me an idea about how research works. Other than research, there were a lot of other things to do and to learn. I experienced the things that were different from our institution. The campus was huge. The entire internship duration passed smoothly.

Q- What were the problems faced during the whole FT process?
A- There were not many problems during the internship period; instead, it was just fun. However, during the visa application process, there were times when I felt that I might have to reduce my internship duration because of the delays in the processes. However, most of the things went well.

Q- What is your suggestion to the Kgpians who aspire for an FT?
A- Having an FT experience is useful in many aspects. Try to explore the research as well, especially if you are a dual degree student.
It's vital to decide the field in which you want to do an FT and make a list of professors whose research area you are looking for.
It's good to apply early, especially if you are looking for a US university as the visa and other processes sometimes take time.
It's beneficial to have similar research or any other kind of experience in the field you are applying to.
Keep yourself updated with the international internship/scholarship programs and their deadlines.
Make sure you have the passport or apply it as early as possible.

Q- What impressed you there which you find IIT KGP is lacking?
A- The infrastructure and research facilities available are excellent. The administrative process and other services are quick. There were a lot of open spaces for studying, open discussions, recreational activities, etc.

Q- Was there a body similar to the International Relations Cell which assisted you?
A- Yeah, there was the International Center ( It is responsible for all the administrative processes for international students, especially providing the necessary visa documents.