Exchange Diaries  

By International Relations Cell

Outbound Diaries 2019

Prashanthi Silla | Mathematics



Duration: 2 Months

Q1: How did you get your FT?
P: I get FT completely by personal mailing. I wanted to do research work in applied mathematics but I didn't apply from FTP as my field of interest is very focused and the projects offered were not really as per my interest. I started mailing in January which was very late I should say, and finally I got this offer in March.

Q2: Please tell us about your conference and how you were able to convert it to a 7 weeks FT?
P: I was there for a one week Conference but I keep on talking to my professor. It is like after facing rejection people just stop it over there but I kept on corresponding and eventually he extended it to a 7-week internship. Professors, there have many ongoing projects so they may offer you an internship if they are convinced with you and your work. There are opportunities everywhere and you have to snatch it.

Q3: How you managed your finances?
P: My professor reimbursed the airfare and meals and accommodation were provided by the professor on the campus. Moreover, my visa was sponsored by the University itself so it was not an issue for me.

Q4: How was your typical day look like?
P: My professor was very lenient so I didn't have to go to university every day but I went. On weekdays, I usually work from home and my professor is available after 4 so 4 to 6 we usually correspond and discuss what to do next. Evenings were usually relaxed. On weekends, I traveled and explore the city.

Q5: How was your stay in the USA?
P: I love to travel and explore different places and cultures. I have been to the USA in the past also and covered almost all of the states. It was a great experience to live in the most developed country on Earth and that too for 2 months. It was overall a different world, high-end infrastructure and highly intellectual people. I made a lot of friends from different nationalities and shared cherishable memories with them.

Q6: Role of CG to get an FT.
P: They usually don't see your CG but they are concerned more about your past experiences and works. A resume pinned with research projects is generally given more attention if you are directly emailing professors. There might be differences if you choose MITACS or some other program as they solely shortlist on the basis of CG. So having a higher CG boosts your chances of getting a good FT.

Q7: Any suggestions to fellow Kgpians.
P: Start applying as early as possible. September- October is a good time to start. There is a concept of forwarding the mail again and again so that is not going to help. It is advisable to keep your mail as personalized as possible.