Exchange Diaries  

By International Relations Cell

Outbound Diaries 2019

Pratik Desai | Industrial and Systems Engineering

University of Alberta, Canada, Canada

Research Area: Software Development and Machine Learning

Duration: 2 Months

1)How did you apply for FT?
My FT was under the UARE(University of Alberta Research Experience ) program. Usually, third years apply for this program but I was among those who applied in the second year and got selected. I was guided by some of my seniors through the application process.

2)Why do you think Foreign Training is important?
Foreign training is very important if a person wants to pursue a career in research. Moreover, If a person wants to explore a field in much greater detail, then he/she should go for an intern and if he/she wants to build a good CV as well, a foreign intern on it will be a plus point.

3)How did you manage your finances?
I got a stipend from the university which was enough for me to cover my living expenses in Canada and even the flight tickets could also be managed through that same fund.

4)On a lighter note, how was your stay in Canada?
It was one of the best experiences of my life. The university itself organized a group tour. Apart from the group tour, I also got to explore the places around and Canada is just lovely.

5)How is the work culture there?
The work culture there was simply awesome. They just want the work to be done. You can do it anytime at your own pace. The professors there are very friendly. In India, you feel like there’s a boundary when you approach a professor but there I could approach any of the professors and straightaway ask him even my silliest doubts.

6)Role of CG for FT?
If you have a better CG, you have a higher chance. In UARE it's not specifically mentioned, but most of the ones shortlisted have an 8+ CGPA.

7)What would you suggest to your fellow KGPians who aspire to go for Foreign Training?
They should start a project over here, under a good professor, take their LOR, and then apply in the interested programs. That’s a proper methodology which I got to know about at the starting of my second year and then I followed it. It proved beneficial for me. The students here should definitely try for FT because you gain a lot of experience which you won’t get in a private company.