Exchange Diaries  

By International Relations Cell

Outbound Diaries 2019

Saif Siddique | Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

University of Auckland, New Zealand

Research Area: Material science

Duration: 2 Months

How did you apply for FT?
The Dean of International Relations sent a mail to everyone about an opportunity for this research program. I mailed him my CV and I was selected for this program. I had an interest in the area of material sciences and had previous research experience which helped me.

How did you manage your expenses?
The University of Auckland funded my travel and accommodation. It was sufficient for my needs.

How was your research experience over there?
I learned a lot of new things while working there. I had a new perspective towards research and enjoyed my stay over there. Safety and protection are given prior importance over there. I was given proper safety training before using the laboratory.

How was your experience abroad?
It was my first time abroad and I loved it. I met a lot of diverse people. I was staying in a hostel where a group of young adventurous people ' backpackers', who traveled to places every now and then.

What are your suggestions to fellow KGPians regarding FT?
Even though you can learn from scratch during the program, a previous research experience gives you an edge over others while applying for FT. So, I would advise them to explore your interests and do small projects on them. A good CGPA always gives you an upper hand!