Exchange Diaries  

By International Relations Cell

Outbound Diaries 2019

Shakul Pathak | Chemical Engineering

Simon fraser University Burnaby, Canada

Research Area: ATP synthase modelling, statistical mechanics

Duration: 3 Months

How did you apply for FT?
I got my FT through MITACS, a not-for-profit research and training organization which provides research internships under the supervision of Canadian university faculty members in a variety of academic disciplines. The process to get a FT through MITACS is very ordered, first you have to give all your details like your research interests, statement of purpose, achievements in addition to your CV on the MITACS portal then the officials shortlist your CV based on different criteria and give a score. These shortlisted CVs are forwarded to the set of professors which you have selected and then from those professors who like your profile they will themselves contact you through email. At last you will have an interview round for final selection.

Why the professor preferred you over others for this project? What a professor demands in one’s CV to select him/her for a FT?
I think the thing in my CV that helped me the most was my good GPA, but it was not the only thing because MITACS looks more on over all side, so apart from CGPA I had courses from differential equations which actually mattered because my project consisted of solving differential equations numerically whose technique was known to me as I had used that in my previous project of Fluid mechanics, actually my professor wanted someone who had a good hold in solving differential equations so I was selected. I also did some projects under the professors from my department so that also helped me in developing a good profile.

Why do think foriegn training is important for a students life?
According to me a foreign training is not just a training, means of course you get to do some projects under some cool professors overseas but apart from this the main thing is that you also get to know about their culture, their way of doing things because there is no perfect way of doing something, in the real sense I believe that if you take good components from different places and combine them then you can do things in much more newer and better way. You get more exposure, you get to meet new people, form more connections and of course there is an added advantage of having the prospect of showing this off in your profile when you go for higher studies. Ultimately it's not just training but an awesome experience to live.

How was your experience?
I had an amazing time there. In Vancouver, you can find a huge number of people from different communities, different countries. It's a pretty nice city, there is a metropolitan as well as town side to it, so its not totally lavish and metropolitan.The city where I stayed was also very neat, tidy, lush and green. Working in a different country with different types of people, exploring their culture and lifestyles definitely gave me a bunch of everlasting memories.

How did you manage your finances there?
MITACS globalink provided me sufficient funds for my over all stay there not only to meet the basic necessities but it also covered all of my travelling expenses.

Role of CG in FT?
MITACS generally considers over all profile, but this year CG did play a role, because all of my friends who got selected had a good GPA but last year scene was totally different. So I would say CG is a kind of threshold which one should cross but once crossed what matters is your overall profile, your achievements, your CV and your personality.