Exchange Diaries  

By International Relations Cell

Outbound Diaries 2019

Shourya Dwivedi | Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Czech Technical University, Czechia

Research Area: -

Duration: 2 Months

How did you apply for FT?
I mailed the professors who had ongoing research projects in my area of interest. I read their research work before applying. I selected universities based on QS rankings.

How did you manage your expenses?
The University funded all my travel, accommodation and food expenses. I was paid 600 euros per month during my intern period. If the professor takes you as a research intern, the university provides all the funding in the Czech Republic.

How was your research experience abroad?
They have a very calm attitude towards research. Research is carried out very well, especially in Europe and America.

How was your overall experience?
The Czech Republic is a very calm and beautiful place. The architecture of the college was mind-blowing! I traveled to many nearby countries too and had an amazing time. Students are provided with transport inside the country at very low rates, which helped me explore a lot of places. it's a very safe place to wander even at 2 am.

What is the role of CG in getting an FT?.
My CG was less than 8 and it wasn't a negative impact on me. Don't restrain yourself from applying for any project because of low CG, or not having previous research experience. Try to improve your CG, but low CG doesn't close your paths!

What are your suggestions to fellow KGPians about FT?
I would advise them to start applying first, and keep improving their CV and cover letter! Determination and hope are the two most important things for any task! Find out your passion and don't let CG, previous experience anything else stop you from pursuing it!