Exchange Diaries  

By International Relations Cell

Outbound Diaries 2019

Suyash Karn | Industrial and Systems Engineering

None, China

Research Area: Synchronization of Pre-fabrication Construction on supply chain

Duration: 2 Months

What was your motive behind the FT and how did you apply for it?
I was doing a project on the supply chain under the supervision of a professor in our department. Luckily one of the professor from The University of Hong Kong and his colleagues were a friend of my professor. So he recommended us to work with them.

How did you manage your expenses?
I got a stipend from the host university, so I didn't have any problems related to finances.

How was your experience during your stay abroad? How was the campus culture?
Hong Kong is a great place for tourism. I was around a very diverse set of people as there were a lot of international students. There was an Indian restaurant nearby so I had no problem with the food as well. People were disciplined, the work-culture was relaxing and good. I worked all the weekdays and then enjoyed during the weekends.

How was the University of Hong Kong different from IIT Kharagpur?
The amount of money invested in every department was very high. As a result of this, they were very technologically advanced than us. They provided all the data and resources needed for my project. People were pretty straightforward in their work. Students were also not much job-oriented.

Any problem faced during the whole process?
I had difficulty in communication with them. Most people barely speak English so I had to use google translator.

Any suggestion to our fellow Kgpians who wants to for an FT?
You should be pretty sure about which field they want to move forward. They shouldn't mail randomly just for the sake of going on an intern since you want to build your career. I would suggest keeping your CGPA as high as possible as it gives you an upper hand.