Exchange Diaries  

By International Relations Cell

Outbound Diaries 2020

Jigyasa Srivastava | Geology and Geophysics

Australian National University, Australia

Research Area: Computational Geophysics

Duration: 2.5 Months

What procedure did you follow to get FT?
It all started the day when our department conducted a session with seniors who had done FT before. It was the catalyst that provided the motivation and kick started my journey of FT. I applied through personal mailing, keeping in mind my research interests, in which I also mentioned my field trip. I received a reply in mid-January and I was asked to submit my research statement highlighting my research interests. I was also asked to go through the professor’s research publications. I read his papers and found it pretty interesting. I also expressed my desire to pursue higher education in this field.

What was your FT about?
My research area was computational geophysics. I was required to apply the concepts of computer vision application into geophysics.

Role of CG for FT?
Having a good CG might give an edge over the other applicants but that in itself is not the only important criteria to get a FT. There are many other factors that come into play like your previous interns or projects involving the field you are applying in.

How did your University manage everything in this situation of COVID-19? What was the mode of communication with the University?
The university managed everything in a very exceptional way. My overall experience was enriching and was full of glee. My professor was extremely helpful. Initially, we communicated through emails but, after the research started, we used to have video calls on Zoom where we used to discuss my progress and what am I supposed to explore next.

What difficulties did you face during the entire process?
Due to the unforeseeable situation because of the pandemic, the start of the internship got delayed. It was supposed to be an onsite research internship but finally, it turned out to be a completely remote one. My professor was extremely helpful. Although remote, the internship went very smoothly and overall it was a great experience.

Why do you think Foreign Training is important, how was your experience?
Foreign training gives you an amazing chance to interact with people from an entirely different part of the globe. This gives you an exposure academically i.e. with some interesting topics of research that is going around and also the different kinds of people one interacts with. Although it was remote, it was an extremely enriching experience.

What would you suggest to your fellow KGPians who aspire to go for Foreign Training?
If you want to go for an FT, start emailing early. There are some really good opportunities like MITACS and DAAD, try applying through that. Even some universities have their own programs, try to find out about those.