Exchange Diaries  

By International Relations Cell

Outbound Diaries 2020

Vinit Kumar Singh | Physics

Brown University, USA

Research Area: Quantum Computing

Duration: 4 Months

What procedure did you follow to get FT?
I applied for FT through International Relations Cell itself. As I had already done two FTs before, I just applied for it, and probably my application was strong enough and I got selected.

What was your FT about?
My research work was in the field of Quantum Computing. It is in the domain of Physics where you also throw in some computer science.

Role of CG for FT?
This is a tricky question since I have friends who have low CG but have gone for FT and obviously, People with high CG have also gone. It’s the trend that higher CG tends to have more chance. But, what I have seen is that CG is a very small factor that can be overshadowed by many other factors. If someone has a publication, or has done previous research internship or has worked on a really interesting project or even the interest in the topic is higher, then it would be given to that person.

How did your University manage everything in this situation of COVID-19? What was the mode of communication with the University?
The way the university managed everything is commendable. We had zoom calls every week to discuss how much I have progressed and what is the next thing we can explore.

What difficulties did you face during the entire process?
I would say that it was not a bed of roses. Due to the remoteness, the work turned out to be very independent and I had to put a lot of effort because they can not put many things into it. Also, my sleep schedule got distorted because of different time zones. Plus, there were the usual research related difficulties that I had to face. Sometimes, when you get stuck on a problem, you have to think about it for a day or so to finally get a solution.

Why do you think Foreign Training is important, how was your experience?
Foreign Training helps you if you are trying to pursue research or if you plan to do a Master's or Ph.D. Because for higher studies, these are the university you usually go to. But, I would say that even in your department if a professor is doing really good research in the field you are interested in, just go with it. FT has a unique flavor to it since you get to meet a lot of people and work with them in a very different environment. You also get to see their culture.

What would you suggest to your fellow KGPians who aspire to go for Foreign Training?
I would suggest them to aspire to find their interest as soon as they can. If a topic excites you, then see what are the things you can do. Talk to the Professors who are doing similar research in your department about how you can proceed in that direction and this will help you build connections and you may get a recommendation.