Exchange Diaries  

By International Relations Cell

Outbound Diaries 2020

Viplaw Srivastava | Electronics and Electrical Communication Engg.

Effat University, Saudi Arabia

Research Area: EEG Signal Analysis using ML

From where did you get the motivation for the FT? How did it all start?

I had earlier bagged an FT which cancelled due to the pandemic. After that, I applied to the program through the remote Internship program coordinated by the IR Cell in May. The main aim of my project was to classify patients having epilepsy (brain disorder) using EEG (Electroencephalogram) signals from their brains using Machine Learning techniques. I had prior experience with these tools so it was both interesting and insightful to work on the project.

How did you handle the academics along with your preparations?

As I have mentioned earlier, I applied for this internship after the pandemic. So, handling the academics wasn’t much of a challenge as our end semester exams were cancelled. Hence, I could completely focus on my internship.

What do you think is the role of CG while applying for a FT?

In my case, I think CG played a good role in me getting the internship. That being said, I also had experience in the field I was applying for which was mentioned in my CV. So, it was more of an equal contribution from my CG and my past working experiences.

How did the university manage everything amidst the confusion of COVID-19?

I knew at the time of application that it was a remote internship. So, everything, from our orientations to work allocations, were obviously done online.

How was a typical day’s work like during the training period? Did you face any issues?

I was in direct and constant touch with the professor ( Dr. Abdulhamit Subhasi) through video calls. The professor was really helpful and patient. He explained the things to me over several video sessions throughout the training period and provided us with the relevant datasets. We ultimately had to compile all our work and send the final report back to the professor.

Any advice you would like to give to fellow KGPians who want to go for a FT?

My one and only advice is to focus on your skill-set, gather the relevant expertise and then plunge into the process of mailing and applying. Don’t go half-baked into the process without knowing what you are actually doing; as it would neither be of any good to you as well as the Professor who accepts you(that is if he accepts you).