Exchange Diaries  

By International Relations Cell

Outbound Diaries 2020

Yaswanth Chowdary Mallina | Geology and Geophysics

University College London, England

Research Area: Application of Machine Learning in Geochemistry

What was your research topic?
My research topic was based on the applications of machine learning in geochemistry.

From where did you get the motivation and how did you apply for FT?
There is a lot of scope for research in geology around the world and I am also good at my core subjects. So I wanted to get an exposure from renowned institutes for earth sciences outside India. In my 2nd I tried for a FT, but I didn’t get one. In my 3rd year I got selected by one of the professors but I was unable to go there due to some reasons. In my 4th year I mailed the same professor and he gave me an offer.

What is the role of CGPA for FT?
For programmes like MITACS, DAADs, etc CGPA does play a major role. But for personal mailing, your interest and prerequisite knowledge is the major aspect.

Why do you think FT is important?
In India research is conducted basically in raw geology, but though a FT I was able to know and work on the computational aspects of geology in which I was interested.

Did you do any similar projects here in KGP?
I worked with a professor of KGP in his lab during my free slots.
It helped me in getting the knowledge and professor also recommended me to a professor for an FT.

What advice would you like to give to our fellow KGPians who aspire for FT?
I would say that students can do projects under a professor in a particular interest and do work on it to gain knowledge. Then you can apply through programmes or mailing in your research topic in your subsequent years. Do not dishearten if you get rejected and maintain your interest in the topic which you have chosen.