Exchange Diaries

Hasina Momotaz Khan Pinky

Dyuti 2019

  • Country : Bangaldesh
  • Date Of Arrival : Oct 2019

"This event was like no other I have been so far. I was fascinated by seeing such a combination of culture and technology. Our days started with Yoga which rejuvenated us. Many activities followed, and they were all different, which kept us busy throughout. The classes we had on Sanskrit, Rural Technology were exciting, and the Robotics workshop was one of my favourites. But the best still awaited us. I was mesmerized by the huge bamboo structures filled with diyas ready to light up the night. I was impressed by the hard work put in by every student to make it happen when they told us about the procedure. Lastly was a session on Indian dance forms and the painting workshop which I enjoyed a lot. I hope more people come over next year to have such a wonderful and diverse experience."