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Joint Doctoral Program - University of Alberta

IIT KGP offers Joint Doctoral Programs (JDP) with its partner institutions. JDP provides students with an exclusive opportunity to live and study in both countries during their candidature and earn their doctoral degree jointly awarded by the partner institutes. The thesis is evaluated by each Institute according to its own rules and the joint nature of the work is acknowledged in the degree certificate(s).


Eligibility Criteria Duration of stay at host Univ. Funding at Host univ. Coursework requirement at host univ. Award of Degree
  1. Coursework and candidacy exam completed
  • 6 – 12 months
  • Will admit maximum of 2 students every year.
  • CAD 20,000 per year
  • Amount will be prorated for stays of lesser duration
Not required Single degree certificate from the home institution ONLY acknowledging joint nature of work.


Stage 1: Exploration

  • Check eligibility criteria
  • Identify supervisor and project in host university
  • Get consent from Host University
  • Start Application in second semester

Stage 2: Application

  • Application form
  • Evaluation and Shortlisting at IITKGP
  • Short-listed candidate’s application sent to Host University
  • Host University evaluates and makes provisional offer

Stage 3: Admission

  • Complete 2nd Semester
  • Complete Comprehensive exam
  • Host University extends final offer
  • Student admitted to JDP at IITKGP after final scrutiny and approval
  • Other specific IITKGP-Partner JDP rules apply




Documents required for starting JDP Applications at IITKGP:

  1. Cover letter giving all details of the intended application. Along with student’s details. This is to be signed by Faculty Mentor and Head/Concerned Dean.
  2. Filled up Prerequisite Form
  3. NoC from Faculty Mentor and Head/Concerned Dean
  4. Letter to Faculty mentor Requesting permission to join the JDP, giving details of your intended research and activities. This letter will have to be signed by the applicant
  5. Letter of Support from Faculty Mentor, routed through HoD/Concerned Dean
  6. Letter of Support/or email and acceptance of Host Mentor expressing willingness to mentor the student
  7. Student transcripts (downloaded from ERP and hard copy prints)
  8. Letter from Fac. Mentor at IITKGP stating that all medium of instruction and examination is conducted in English. Therefore the English language requirement may be waived.
  9. Filled up DSC recommendation form
  10. Completion of Registration Seminar for specific cases.
  11. Shared Credential Application Form
  12. Shared Credential Initial Approval Form
  13. Current Researcher Connection
  14. Appendix B


  1. JDP Prerequisite form
  2. Request for Joining JDP
  3. NoC from Department
  4. English Language Requirement Waiver
  5. DSC recommendation form
  6. Shared Credential Application Form
  7. Shared Credential Initial Approval Form
  8. Appendix B


Current Researcher Connection